Fictional Character development within the framework of brainstorming and a step by step story map.


Janine Cammarata – Fiction Writing & Journaling Workshops




3-5, Middle school, High school, Teachers, Staff


Virtual or In-person

Creative Writing, Storytelling, Mindfulness, Journaling


ELA, The Arts


Writer’s Journal–Grades 3-8

Range for in-person or virtual:

$100 per session (45 – 60 minutes)
$500 for full day (multiple classes)

Writer’s Journal Residencies (Recommended 3-5 days)–Contact author for multiple day discount

Middle School/High School–Journaling for Healing/Self-awareness/Story

In-person or Virtual

Students provide their own journal or notebook

$115 per session (45-60 minutes) (Includes supplies)–Virtual $100

$550 for full day (multiple classes) (Includes supplies)–Virtual $500

Contact author for multiple day discount

Dates Available

Throughout the school year.

Program Theme

  • Fictional Character development within the framework of brainstorming and a step by step story map.
  • Journaling techniques and prompts for mindfulness, self-awareness, and story.

Program Descriptions (Virtual or In-person)

Write to be Healed–Journaling for Healing, Self-Awareness, and Story

Journaling encompasses fun forms of writing from recording daily events, goal setting, tracking, accountability, to do lists, and story. When connecting to self-awareness and mindfulness, it can be healing, transformative, and life changing. Journaling helps us figure out what matters and guides us to a life on wellness.

Examples of some topics

  • Introduce Journaling
  • Organizing/Planning Journal
  • Prompts: Quotes, Photos
  • Healing
  • Goal-Setting/Accountability
  • Positive Inquiry
  • Emotional Expression


The Writer’s Journal

  • Activities:
    Use writing examples from my series, The Puzzle Quests: Shimmer’s Eggs, Saving Atlantis, Sketchy Dinosaurs, Secret Treasures
    Introduction: Create Characters
  • Use of a photo prompt to develop a character (group participation)
  • Physical description, such as hair and eye color, shape of face, gender, age, height, color of skin
  • Emotion based on facial features
  • Brainstorm what character loves or what is most important to them.
  • What character wishes for
  • What are their fears and what they are afraid will prevent that wish from coming true.
  • Choose to use the current or different photo to create their own character using Creative Character Worksheet — Word Web
  • Answer above and additional questions about character’s personality and how they react in situations.
  • Pair and share characters with a partner
  • Create plot based on what the character wants being prevented by their fear or outside barriers. Discuss conflict and ways to throw character into it as often as possible. Write the resolution and story ending. Learn how to move past getting stuck. Read story out loud when editing for effectiveness.

Activities based on grade, length of class, number of visits
Creative writing can be expanded to include setting, description, and finalized story based on number of workshops.


Elementary Journal Workshop

6-8th grade Creative Writing Workshop


(518) 466-5558


16 Carpenter Way
Clifton Park, NY 12065

Associated Acts/Performances

Teachers/Staff/Staff Development

Journaling for Stress Relief/Healing/Self-awareness/Personal Growth

Contact author for prices


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