Music, Dance and Cultural Diversity


Tony Vacca’s World Rhythms




K-2, 3-5, Middle school, High school


Dance, Music


Health, The Arts


Fees are for full days:
Tony Vacca – solo artist $1400
Tony Vacca – duo $1800
Tony Vacca – trio $2200
Abdou Sarr, Senegalese Dancer Extraordinaire
Massamba Diop, Senegalese Tama Drummer for the Black Panther

Dates Available

Fall 2018
Spring 2019

Video of Tony Vacca performing Baoule Dance Song on the Balafon

Program Theme

Music, Dance and Cultural Diversity

Program Description

Spectacle and Spectacular! Tony Vacca, internationally renowned percussionist and composer, presents educational programs that are visually stunning and musically simply astounding. Tony has been performing arts in education programs in schools all over the Northeast for 25 years. Programs range from one-day visits to five-day residencies, professional development, and may conclude with evening community concerts involving students and faculty. Performers range from solo to quintet with a variety of musicians and dancers from the US and abroad. Twice annually Massamba Diop, master tama drummer for Baaba Maal, comes from Senegal, West Africa to the U.S. “to tour” with Tony. Abdou Sarr, Senegalese Dancer, is available all year to perform with Tony.

Tony is known for his balafon and gongs in addition to his djembes, dun-dun and tama drum performances. He likes to use his music, spoken word and rhythm, to address topics like cultural diversity, global and social awareness. He enjoys working with students of all ages, and especially middle and high school students.

Expect a professional caliber music, very high-energy program with audience participation. “I especially enjoy customizing my skills into a specifically designed set of workshops and concerts that fit your needs and visions. So if you don’t see just what you’re looking for, let’s create it together.” TONY


(978) 263-0108


PO Box 2797
144 School St.,
Acton MA 01720


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