Culinary, Musical, and Visual Arts


Wellsville Creative Arts Center




High school


Visual Arts


Music, Visual Arts


$400 per student

Dates Available

8-week classes are offered Tuesdays from 6-7:30pm.

Our next session of classes are from March 16th- May 11th with a break week the week of April 6th.

Program Theme

Culinary, Musical, and Visual Arts

Program Description

ART:360 is a supplemental art program hosted at the Wellsville Creative Arts Center. Each school year, we offer three 8 week sessions designed for high school students. Classes offered include Creative Coffee, Functional Ceramics, Guitar, Cooking, and Drawing and Painting.


(585) 593-3000


124 N Main St, Wellsville, NY 14895

Functional Ceramics
​with Christina Rhodes
This class is for all skill levels. Students will be guided through the process of throwing and finishing utilitarian forms. Students will be taught how to make forms ranging from mugs and bowls for the beginner to casseroles, pitchers and jars for the more advanced students. Students will learn the importance of creating utilitarian work that can be both aesthetically pleasing and used daily. The class will focus on a ground up process from clay prep to a finished piece ready to be put to use. This class will be a great introductory class for students new to clay and a challenge for returning students looking to expand their body of work.

Student Testimonials

Paige Taylor, 16, Bolivar-Richburg: “I love being able to learn a new skill set and see myself improve!”

Matti Burke, 16, Wellsville: “It’s free, I can use whatever and do whatever. It’s a really good resource for someone my age.”

with Corah Lorow
An introductory class with an in depth look at the skills required to draw the human face, body and landscapes. Lessons and demos to explore and understand the pattern light makes on form. Students will be introduced to compositional tools and techniques preparing them to plan a strong composition. This class will cover multiple mediums, proportions and design compositions with enveloping, two tone statements and drawing through form. Students will be able to create illustrations with proper steps and craftsmanship.

Student Testimonials

Rachel Mae Main, 16, Wellsville: “We get so much freedom in class to make what we want. It’s my favorite thing about the class.”

with Sonya Plank
In this course students will be introduced to the history, types, sourcing and preparation of coffee and tea. While indulging in coffee and tea beverages participants in the class will develop a deeper understanding of one of the world’s most popular beverages. Students will learn proper cupping techniques, different drink combinations, keep tasting notes and get a grasp on what it takes to make the perfect cup in a busy coffee house setting. If you love coffee and would like to master a new skill set this class is for you!

with Lydia Koehler
Over this eight week course students will learn the fundamental building blocks of cooking and will go over basic recipes, food preparation, and working with a multitude of ingredients. Students will leave the class with essential cooking skills they can use to continue their education in bigger kitchens and recipes. Those who take the class will leave with the abc’s of cooking and there will be no meal they can’t make!

Student Testimonials

Morgan Culbertson, 13, Wellsville: “Cooking is fun! And I get to hang out with kids my own age while we learn how to make things. My favorite thing to make so far is cookies.”


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